The starch production line designed by Beijing xinruntian starch technology Company,based on China starch industry development situation,absorbed the advanced processing technology of Europe,based on the operating strength and strong research and development as the backing,breakthrough innovation unceasingly, after many years of improvement, the processing technology advanced, its characteristics mainly has the following features:   

1.High extraction rate

Using Multi-stage hydrocyclones for concentrating,the advanced process design assure the extraction rate more than 92%.

2.Low water consumption

It only use 5-8 tons water for each ton starch,much less than those traditional equipment and process,which need 15-25tons water for each ton starch.

3.Large in capacity

Single production line can process 35 ton potato, 25 ton sweet potato,or 25 ton cassava,the capacity is matchless in our country.

4.Closed system

The production system is all closed,all equipent and tanks are closed,inter-connected by pipeline and without open device.This will ensure the good performance and clean environment of the production line.

5.Automatic design

All the system can be controlled by the autmatic control system,easy for operation and greatly decrease intetensity of labor.Also it gives more security for the quality of starch.